What information do I need to submit my application to become a tenant?

  • Completed Application to Lease form signed by all applicants.
  • First month's rent to be paid as a deposit.
  • One piece of photo identification.
  • A guarantor may be required.

Where can I find your available apartments or homes for rent?

All of our available apartments and homes can be found here. Looking for a specific area? Use our search feature to browse available units in your areas of interest. For more information on a particular building or unit, please contact us.

How long is a standard lease?

All leases with MU Property Management are one-year in length.

Do you require a damage deposit? How much is it?

Yes, we do require a damage deposit for all rentals. In most cases, your damage deposit is equivalent to one month's rent.

Example: If your rent will be $800 a month, your damage deposit will be $800.

What methods of payment do you accept for rental payments?

Rent is due on the first (1st) of the month, every month of your tenancy. For rent payment, you will be required to provide a void cheque or Pre-Authorized Debit form (obtained at your bank or through online banking), and we will automatically debit your account on the first banking day of each month. Please note: we can only accept rental payments from those whose names are on the lease. We do not accept credit cards or cash payment for rent.

Do you issue rental receipts for tax purposes?

Unfortunately, we are unable to issue rental receipts for tax purposes.

What happens if I don’t pay my rent?

Any tenant who fails to pay their rent will receive a notice to vacate their unit.

Do you require Tenants insurance?

Tenants Insurance is required. Tenant Insurance not only protects the contents of your home and your most valuable assets, but it protects you in the event of tenant negligence. Should you require information on how to obtain tenant insurance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help.

Who should I call if I have a question about my unit, building, or property?

For any inquiries or requests, please call our 24/7 Customer Service line: (506) 875-2880

Who should I call for a maintenance request?

For any emergency maintenance request please call our 24/7 emergency line: (506) 875-2880, for any other maintenance request please email: maintenance@mupm.ca

I’ve lost my key - what do I do?

Should you lose or misplace your key, please call our Customer Service Department at (506) 875-2880 or any local locksmith at your own expense.

What do we do with our garbage? Do we need to sort our wet/dry?

All garbage is to be taken to the garbage shed and must be sorted.

Can I have a BBQ on my patio or balcony?

Propane and Charcoal BBQs are absolutely prohibited on balconies and patios. This policy is to ensure your safety and the safety of your neighbors.

Am I allowed to burn candles?

To reduce the risk of fire, we ask that all MU Property Management tenants refrain from using candles in their homes and instead, use alternatives such as flameless LED or Battery Operated candles, available for purchase at a wide number of local stores, including CostCo.

Is smoking permitted in your buildings?

All MU Property Management builds are smoke free, including tenant balconies and patios.

Can I sublet my apartment?

Tenants are not permitted to sublet their apartments under any circumstances. Should you need to break your lease, please contact us to discuss options.

Are your properties pet friendly?

Unfortunately, our properties are not pet friendly.

The time has come that I’m ready to move out of my apartment or home, what do I need to do?

In the province of New Brunswick, you must provide written notice 90-days prior to your intended move-out date.